[WATCH] Coast Guard Executes Drug Bust on Cocaine-Laden Narco-Submarine

- July 12th, 2019
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A U.S. Coast Guard surveillance aircraft spotted a narco-submarine in the Pacific Ocean and sprung into action. The WaPo describes:

Infamously elusive boats dubbed narco-submarines — cartel-funded ships built in the jungle to haul massive amounts of drugs — have bedeviled Coast Guardsmen tasked with stemming the flow of contraband to the United States.

Most are never spotted, and for years before one was seized, they were dubbed “Bigfoot” — the stuff of rumor and legend.

But not this time.

Guardsmen, trained in boarding ships, wore helmet cameras recording the moment they ran down the vessel. “Stop your boat! Now!” one roars in Spanish as waves crash against the hull. “That’s going to be hard to get on,” he says. The boarders wore holstered pistols and night-vision goggles to prepare to peer inside the dark hull.

Three Guardsmen slip off the side of their boat onto the 40-foot narco-sub as one boarder pounds on the hatch with his fist. Then, a suspected trafficker emerges and puts his hands up as the Coast Guardsmen scream commands. Then the video ends.

The Coast Guard retrieved 17,000 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $232 million from the sub.


Image: screenshot

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