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Bill Asher is a writer and retired executive. He lives with his family in Massachusetts.

‘The Irishman’ Stinks

Martin Scorsese's “The Irishman” is an Irishman without wit, charm, charisma, comedy, tragedy, or drink. He reeks not of whiskey, but of AirWick®. He induces the phantom smell of pine, so as to lessen the stench of piss. He looks like a man—an old man—who stinks, who bears the odor of infirmity and incontinence, who absorbs

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Dispatches From the Administrative State

When a member of the military pulls rank on a ranking member of Congress, when he politicizes his service by admonishing a public servant, when he acts as if the ribbons pinned to his jacket are more legitimate than the pin every congressman wears, when he uses his uniform to command attention—and attempts to commandeer

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The Lexus and the Cherry Tree

Despite the adage about Carnegie Hall, the rule about practice does not apply to that musician of language known as Tom Friedman. Because Friedman, whose walrus mustache makes him look like a king among burghers and the in-house philosopher of Burger King, also looks like a 19th-century soldier in a 21st-century world. He looks like

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Democrats and Double Standards

When a politician weakens the dollar and strengthens the price of gold, when his policies undercut the American farmer and enrich America’s strongest foe, when he goes against the grain in so many ways, angering the friends of liberty while befriending the enemies of freedom, critics call him a genius. When another politician leaves his

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Deadspin in a Tailspin

The invisible hand of self-interest is the right hand of moral sentiments. The charity we give, the alms we perform, the deeds we do, all this depends on the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. To do otherwise is to see the overly sentimental surrender to the overtly sinister. To see

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Not Enough Crosses,
Not Enough Rows

What the Greeks mythologized one man sought to materialize. Blinded by the vanity of his head and the certainty of his heart, this child of the South owed his faith to the North’s southernmost institution.  From the burning but flourishing bush of the Presbyterian Church, to flourishing under the God of Princeton University, this man

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