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Brandon J. Weichert is a geopolitical analyst who manages The Weichert Report. He is a contributing editor at American Greatness and a contributor at The American Spectator . His forthcoming book, Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower is due out from Republic Book Publishers in 2020. His writings on national security have appeared in Real Clear Politics and he has been featured on the BBC and CBS News. Follow him on Twitter at @WeTheBrandon.

Is Xi Jinping Losing China’s ‘Mandate of Heaven’?

China’s Communist Party has let the cat out of the bag. Things are so bad for their country right now that they fear the coronavirus outbreak could threaten President Xi Jinping’s grip on absolute power. It’s possible, especially if reports about the extent of the outbreak are to be believed. (In all likelihood, the severity

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Democrats Willing to Let America Lose the Space Race

The chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Representative José Serrano (D-N.J.), is proposing that NASA scrap its objective of placing astronauts on the moon by 2024. Serrano and fellow House Democrats are pushing for the passage of H.R. 5666, which would completely overturn key aspects of the Trump Administration’s vital national

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Picking the Wrong Fight in the Philippines

Senators Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) have been in a war of words with the government of the Philippines, led by President Rodrigo Duterte. Allowed to fester, this conflict could threaten U.S.-Philippine relations and drive the Philippines closer to China. At the end of 2019, Leahy and Durbin added explosive language to the

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It’s Past Time to Get Out of Iraq 

So this was Iran’s “great” retaliation against America for the death of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani: 15 missiles lobbed at two U.S. bases in western and northern Iraq. Nobody died. In fact, it appears the Iranians may have missed on purpose, engaging in a face-saving gesture as they sought to de-escalate a situation at

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Trump’s Counterpunching as Grand Strategy

President Donald Trump likely has averted a major regional war. With the recent escalation of hostilities between Iran and the United States, many—on the Trump-hating Left and the “Blame America First” Right—have insisted the world is headed into a major conflict, maybe even a third world war. Certainly, we appear to be closer to a

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Trump Strikes the Right Balance with Iran

The little Cold War with Iran is heating up. Last week, the U.S. military conducted airstrikes on Iranian-backed militia operating in both Syria and Iran. Washington approved the attacks after a U.S. defense contractor was killed by an Iranian rocket attack in Iraq. The Iranian Quds Force commander, General Qassem Soleimani, was behind the plots.

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China Is Kicking America’s Ass in Space

China has overcome its last significant hurdle to spaceflight. The Chinese have successfully launched their much-anticipated Long March V heavy-lift rocket. China can now place the modules to construct the Tianhe-1 space station (meant to rival the International Space Station) in orbit and, more importantly, Beijing can attempt its first interplanetary mission to Mars in late 2020.

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Brexit and Britain’s Pending Marriage to America

During the Raisina Dialogue in India this summer, Spanish Foreign Minister Joseph Borrell observed, “In Europe, there are countries that are small and countries who don’t know that they are small.” Although he didn’t come out and say it, he was talking about Great Britain and Brexit. Many Britons want the United Kingdom to be

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A Cyber Terrorism Campaign Is Coming

Since Friday, according to Pensacola, Florida officials, the small northern Florida town has been crippled by a systemic cyberattack. This comes in the wake of an actual terror attack at the Pensacola Naval Air Station one day earlier.  The perpetrators of the cyberattack are unknown, and it has yet to be confirmed that this malicious

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Avoiding Britain’s Dead End Foreign Policy Fate

In 1902—just a few short years after Queen Victoria’s momentous Diamond Jubilee celebration and at the height of British imperial power—London was fretting about its strategic position. British strategists, according to the late Oxford historian Michael Howard, were concerned that year about “Imperial weakness: of commitments all over the world to be defended, of well-armed

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