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Chuck de Caro is a contributor to American Greatness. He was CNN's very first Special Assignments Correspondent. Educated at Marion Military Institute and the U.S. Air Force Academy, he later served with the 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne). He has taught information warfare (SOFTWAR) at the National Defense University and the National Intelligence University. He was an outside consultant for the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment for 25 years. A pilot since he was 17, he is currently working on a book about the World War I efforts of Fiorello La Guardia, Giulio Douhet, and Gianni Caproni, which led directly to today’s U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command.

A Tale of Three Bridges

Friday’s terrorist knife attack on London Bridge by a prematurely released ISIS terrorist points out the fallacy of the strict gun control laws, about which the British are very serious—as are liberals of all stripes in the United States. When gun control laws are in effect, citizens who are faced with a lethal threat—in this

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Our Ambassadors Used to be Made of Sterner Stuff

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) was busy leading the witness, former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, when she spoke the precise words he was trying to elicit: “Very intimidating.” Upon hearing that emotional reaction to a presidential tweet, one might wonder just how much the State Department standard for what counts as “intimidating” and

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So Much Hot Air About California’s Wildfires

To hear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tell it, the wildfires that ravaged California throughout October were the result of climate change. And nothing else. “This is what climate change looks like,” the whangdoodle freshman New York Democrat tweeted. “The GOP like (sic) to mock scientific warnings about climate change as exaggeration. But just look around: it’s already

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Mother Zucker’s Amazing
CNN Puppet Show

Jeff “Mother” Zucker, the CNN president and noted ventriloquist, has once again made his dummies so lifelike that viewers actually think they have minds of their own. Just last month, Mother Zucker used the IFB (interrupt for broadcast) earphone technique to control Jake Tapper’s lips in his live interview with Kellyanne Conway. What showmanship! Is

By | 2019-10-29T22:33:45-07:00 October 30th, 2019|Tags: |

Adam Schiff and Echoes of the McMinn County War

Last week, two dozen Republican representatives led by U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida crashed the ersatz Star Chamber established by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) to demonstrate the need for transparency in the Democrats’ efforts to impeach President Trump. Now the House is scheduled to vote Thursday on a resolution to “provide

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Four-Star Twit Tweets Twaddle

It seems that the former Clinton Administration cabinet member, Barry McCaffrey, who had a so-so record as drug czar, is annoyed with the actions of President Trump. In a much-discussed 39-word tweet, McCaffrey, a retired and highly decorated U.S. Army general, has managed to confabulate the president’s cancellation of government subscriptions of hard-copy editions of

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CNN’s Jeff Zucker:
A Ventriloquist for Dummies

When I was a six-year-old, I loved “The Paul Winchell Show,” because Winchell could make his dummies so lifelike and believable that you thought they had a mind of their own. Winchell would put one of two wooden dummies on his lap, a well dressed, skinny smart one named Jerry Mahoney and a short, fat, bald

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How to Trump Iran

When it comes to stupidity, the mullahs of Iran have few rivals. They have used Yemeni proxies to attack the Saudi Arabian oil production facilities at Abqaiq in a carefully calibrated strike meant to spur a jump in global oil prices—a crap-shoot bid to bolster revenue for their teetering nation. Note that this was not

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