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Trump’s Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities Is Good…

This week, Attorney General Bill Barr's Department of Justice announced a raft of lawsuits against sanctuary jurisdictions that are undermining the ability of the federal government to enforce the nation’s immigration laws. So-called sanctuary policies are designed to prevent local and state law enforcement from cooperating with ICE and the Border Patrol. The goal? To

By | 2020-02-14T00:28:47-07:00 February 14th, 2020|Tags: |

A Tale of Two Planet Earths: Trump vs. Thunberg at Davos

In some ways, it hardly seems like a fair fight: the leader of the free world and the ultimate alpha male, Donald J. Trump, versus a slim, awkward 17-year-old Swedish schoolgirl, Greta Thunberg. Even so, they both swaggered into the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland with unassailable self-confidence. Their messages, however, could not have

By | 2020-01-28T21:36:02-07:00 January 26th, 2020|Tags: |

Nanny State Gone Berserk

A recent federal spending package, strongly backed by Democrats and Republicans and signed by President Trump, contained a poison pill that I vehemently urge the American people not to swallow. In fact, like all federal spending bills, it contained a veritable treasure trove of waste and bad policy. But one measure stood out: a requirement

By | 2020-01-05T20:19:45-07:00 January 1st, 2020|Tags: |

Trump’s Real Offense? He Made Politics Political Again

As Democrats in the House of Representatives prepare themselves for a vote on the articles of impeachment against President Trump—preparing the way to boot him from office and nullify the results of the 2016 election—Americans should reflect on the audacity it takes to do that. Neither of the articles of impeachment references a specific crime

By | 2019-12-14T20:21:08-07:00 December 14th, 2019|Tags: |

Embrace Fiscal Responsibility, Not Tax Cuts, in 2020

As Democratic presidential candidates stumble over one another in a headlong rush towards socialism and fiscal insanity—promising trillions in new spending on everything from child care, health care, and higher education for all, to “the Green New Deal” and slavery reparations—President Trump faces a critical choice. He could try to match the Democrats and promise

By | 2019-11-14T19:47:55-07:00 November 14th, 2019|Tags: |

On Impeachment, Democrats Are All Talk and No Action

This week we've seen much breathless speculation in the media about how close the Democratic House of Representatives may be to impeaching President Trump. The answer to that question is straightforward: about as close as they were last week, and the week before — that is, not close at all. How can this be? Didn't

By | 2019-09-29T01:40:54-07:00 September 28th, 2019|Tags: |

Democrats’ Impeachment Obsession Is a Danger to Democracy

Sad to say, but Tom Steyer, out-of-touch and unlikable billionaire though he may be, is probably the most representative face of the Democratic Party right now. Almost since the day President Trump won the 2016 election, Steyer has been bawling like a toddler and insisting that Trump's prompt removal from office, via impeachment, is a

By | 2019-09-17T18:17:00-07:00 September 17th, 2019|Tags: |

The Great Greenland Gambit

Recently, a small-minded tattletale revealed that President Trump has been exploring the possibility of the United States purchasing Denmark’s overseas territory of Greenland. Greenland is a vast, icy wasteland lodged in the northern Atlantic and southern Arctic Oceans. It also happens to be the home of key U.S. military bases—controlling space assets and providing early

By | 2019-08-24T16:36:39-07:00 August 24th, 2019|Tags: |

Smoke and Mirrors at the Border

Recently we had confirmation of what every sensible observer has long known: the media narrative about a Trumpian reign of terror at the border is absolute nonsense. Statistics from the Border Patrol confirm that the number of deaths of border-crossers in 2017 and 2018 were close to an all-time low. This comes despite

By | 2019-07-22T17:17:08-07:00 July 22nd, 2019|

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