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Larry Klayman 4 Everyone: Episode 3—Turn Off Sean Hannity

Attorney extraordinaire Larry Klayman and co-host Judah Friedman return with “Truthful Ombudsman” Lewis Fein to discuss the current impeachment farce, Clinton corruption, optimism versus fatalism (spoiler alert: it's both-and, not either-or), and much more on the provocative third episode of the “Larry Klayman 4 Everyone” podcast. As for the cryptic title of this episode? You'll

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The Chris Buskirk Show: Episode 22— Afghanistan Papers Expose Decades of Lies

The Afghanistan Papers published last year expose a culture of corruption and lying about what was really going on in Afghanistan: covering up failures, exaggerating successes, all to get Bush, Obama, and Trump to keep funding the never-ending war. American Greatness senior contributor Julie Kelly has dug into the documents and shares the first in

By | 2020-01-20T17:54:22-07:00 January 20th, 2020|

Larry Klayman 4 Everyone: Episode 2—Isolated, But Not Alone

From America to Iran and the deciders in between, attorney extraordinaire Larry Klayman and co-host Judah Friedman run the gamut in this freewheeling second episode of the "Larry Klayman 4 Everyone" podcast. They're joined once again by "Truthful Ombudsman" Lewis Fein. Watch and listen below. And, of course, follow the podcast on Twitter. EP102_Isolated, But

By | 2020-01-16T15:18:15-07:00 January 16th, 2020|Tags: |

The Chris Buskirk Show: Episode 21—What is Gelato Populism?

Enforce obscenity laws on porn, Princeton Professor Robbie George urges Attorney General Barr. Also, a discussion about the generational divide in MAGA on Iran. Plus, what is Gelato Populism and why is it important for Americans? Witness the Rise of Matteo Salvini. Ben Boychuk joins The Chris Buskirk Show for all this and more. Listen

By | 2020-01-14T18:04:33-07:00 January 14th, 2020|

The Chris Buskirk Show: Episode 20—Promise & Peril In Iran: Special Guest Curt Mills

Trump's instincts are to disengage from the Middle East, yet he has taken an aggressive posture with Iran. Curt Mills argues that Trump is still Trump and his foreign policy is still America First, but there is peril from the DC lobby that favors war with Iran. Tune into the The Chris Buskirk Show below

By | 2020-01-14T17:59:17-07:00 January 14th, 2020|

New Podcast:
Larry Klayman 4 Everyone

We're pleased to present a new podcast featuring the legendary Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, and "a modern-day Wyatt Earp of lawyers." Joined by co-host Judah Friedman and "truthful ombudsman" Lewis Fein, Klayman sets out on a freewheeling conversation about his career, his defense of George Zimmerman, the lies of Wikipedia, his fight with

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