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Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is a scholar, diplomat, and strategist. His latest book (with Felipe J. Cuello) is TRUMP'S WORLD: Geo Deus.

Pete Buttigieg Is the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ of the Democratic Party

Like the recently released comedy adventure film, “Sonic the Hedgehog,” based on the video game of the same name, Mayor Pete Buttigieg resembles the anthropomorphic hedgehog from another world come to earth to escape malevolent players while using his own powers for world domination. The baby faced, immature, inexperienced, naïve, gay (did he tell you

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‘Mini Mike’ Bloomberg, American Oligarch

The term "oligarch" derives from the Ancient Greek oligarkhia, meaning "the rule of the few." Such power structures allow a very small number of persons to control the vast mass of people. Regimes of that nature were not uncommon during feudal times in medieval Europe and in earlier primitive settings. They more recently predominated during

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‘Walter Mitty’ Biden: An All-American Crony

Pundits have started calling Joe Biden⁠ “the Walter Mitty of American politics.” His brain-dead performances at the nationally televised Democrat debates and near-constant gaffes have made him a literal laughingstock. His polls are dropping like a stone as the public sees his corrupt ways. He is losing in Iowa, Nevada, and in New Hampshire and

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Goodbye and Good Riddance to the EU

After years of manic anguish, threats, intrigue, and maneuver, the United Kingdom will finally leave the European Union on Friday. Big Ben should be tolling. Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead! Dorothy can go back to Kansas—or the Midlands. The lifelong ambition of Nigel Farage deserves a lordship and a knighthood for his undying

By | 2020-01-28T22:03:12-07:00 January 28th, 2020|Tags: |

Sanders’ Sincerely Scary Socialism

With the Iowa caucuses imminent and the polls showing Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) inching into the lead, it may be time to ask: “Who exactly is this guy?” and “What precisely does he stand for?” Importantly, “Why are the establishment Democrats and Hillary Clinton trying to stop him—again?” The fiery independent senator from Vermont votes

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Davos: Peering Behind the Elite Curiosity Curtain

Thomas Mann, the German Nobel laureate and author of The Magic Mountain, made Davos famous for its mystical and curative powers. For him, it was a sanatorium to overcome the disease, psychological stress, and damage inflicted by modern life. In some ways, it remains so. These are my personal impressions as a former executive board

By | 2020-01-19T22:21:10-07:00 January 19th, 2020|Tags: |

Don’t Fight the Last War

A firm President Trump laid down the gauntlet on Iran and stepped back from all-out war when he announced in the radiant and brilliant light of the White House—accompanied by the full military brass, his vice president, secretary of defense, and secretary of state—that, “he was backing away from further military action” after Iran “backed

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Solving the Persian Problem

President Trump has had a number of advisers with seemingly very different strategies for dealing with the long-standing radical fundamentalist Shiite nemesis of Iran. This came to a head last week, when Trump pulled the trigger and extinguished General Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force and the most revered and powerful military and

By | 2020-01-12T16:27:14-07:00 January 5th, 2020|Tags: |

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