Scent of a Woman: Part Deux

As the daughter of the late producer-writer Bruce Paltrow and actress Blythe Danner, Gwyneth Paltrow could have starred in “It’s All Relative,” a film about the way so many people in show business, particularly movies and television, are all in the family. That project, not to be confused with “All Relative,” is still in development

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Prayers for Rush Limbaugh

One afternoon in 1992, I visited a friend at his quarters on Tyndall Air Force Base. We ate burgers and swapped stories, and then he looked at the clock and turned on the radio. “You gotta hear this guy!” he said with a confident grin. I doubted that. I had tired of “shock jock” DJ

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Homily for Romney

So, Mitt Romney Schifffted gears; And we listen to them grind, Like his teeth, because the nation’s Left him very far behind.   For the moment, his new friends Smile in cold satisfaction - But he’ll find his Schiffting principles Won’t gain him any traction.   Those who now sing fulsome praise, Found him disgusting,

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‘Marriage Story’ Is the Perfect Movie for Our Narcissistic Time

It is impossible to watch the critically acclaimed Oscar-nominated “Marriage Story” without bearing in mind that America no longer takes marriage very seriously. The plaudits showered on the film seem like no accident. A melodramatic tale about two bicoastal (New York and Los Angeles) artists going through a painful separation, "Marriage Story" has been praised

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The End of the End of History

Between the promise of peace and the hell of war, between the day of the Lord and two decades of fighting in the forever war, between the paradise of the future and the pain of the present, between the commands of the Scriptures and the demands of conscription—between the cross and the sword—stands a witness

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Queen Elizabeth Beats Hollywood and the Stumblebum Sussexes

His wife, a hero of sorts only in the TV series “Suits,” had hightailed it to Canada, leaving Harry Windsor, formerly known as Prince Harry, to deliver a concession speech. Make no mistake—no matter the moola they rake in, Harry and Meghan Markle have been sorely defeated and deflated. Earlier in January, the stumblebum Sussexes

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The Grubby Corruption of Our Power Elite

In January 1956, John F. Kennedy published Profiles in Courage, biographical encomia to eight U.S. senators, from John Quincy Adams to Robert Taft, whom Kennedy thought exhibited conspicuous courage in the discharge of their public duties. I say Kennedy published Profiles in Courage. But the book was written not by JFK but by the loyal

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Terry Jones, ‘Monty Python,’ and the Quest for Supreme Executive Power

News of Terry Jones’ recent passing at 77 likely drew a blank from anyone under 40. The British comic was hardly a household name in America, but he is worth recalling for several reasons, partly because he never made it on his own. Jones was part of the Monty Python troupe that hit its stride

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A Class War for Our Time

I first heard of Michael Lind from a friend, who called him “cantankerous” and “brilliant” and mentioned that Lind was certain Trump would win. This was in 2015, when the conventional wisdom held that Trump’s pre-primary lead in the polls would evaporate, giving way to a more serious establishment candidate to challenge Hillary Clinton. I

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