BDS Is an Anti-Semitic Movement and Tlaib and Omar Are Its Face

By barring Representatives Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) from entering the country, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did what he needed to do when confronted with his nation’s enemies. Israel quite rightly refuses entry to people who advocate its destruction. As any sane country would. (Ahem.)  When Tlaib was extended a humanitarian visa

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Ben Shapiro Is Wrong (Again)

On the eve of the 1980 presidential election, as the insurgent conservative candidate, Ronald Reagan, was delivering his closing argument to the nation, the actor and union leader-turned-politician did not offer some cold, ideological claim divorced from kitchen table realities for the voters. Instead, he appealed to the hearts of ordinary Americans who sensed something

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Why Kamala Harris Doesn’t Even Pretend to Care

Joe Biden whispered to Kamala Harris before the last debate, “Go easy on me kid.” She blankly stared back, managing eventually to mumble, “How ya’ doin, ya good?” It was as if Mickey Rooney turned to Judy Garland and said, “Let’s put on a show, kid” and she responded, “And how has your day been?”

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Red Flag Laws in the Age of Political Psychiatry

In the wake of recent horrific shooting sprees, Donald Trump and other Republicans wishing to appear to “do something” have seized the purported “middle ground”: red flag laws. These laws would permit law enforcement or concerned family members to petition a court to remove firearms from individuals deemed dangerous after a summary judicial procedure. Laws

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Democrats, Media Collude with China to Influence 2020 Election

It was really quite a remarkable sight. As U.S. negotiators were overseas attempting to stop a foreign power’s aggression, American political operatives were telling the other side to hold off on making any agreement. They would get a better deal from a new administration after the election, those operatives assured them. Anna Chennault? No, Kamala

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