Everyone Knows a Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is that guy. The kid who made the team because his parents donated big dough to the school but gives footwork advice to the other legit athletes. The fraternity brother who wore khakis to keg parties and drank Bartles and Jaymes out of a solo cup but pretended it was beer. The office

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Media Attempt to School Republicans Is a Disingenuous Fraud

If you haven’t had your daily dose of petulant surreality, swivel over to read this astounding editorial at what used to be America’s paper of record. This curious effusion warns that “The G.O.P. will not be able to postpone a reckoning on Donald Trump’s presidency for much longer.” Oh, dear. Are things as bad as

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What the Framers Knew That Hillary Doesn’t

Hillary Clinton was in the news this week for her odd feud with 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic member of Congress from Hawaii. Clinton accused Gabbard of being a “Russian asset” who is being groomed by the Kremlin to defect from the Democratic Party and run as a third-party candidate. The two-time presidential

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Adam Schiff’s ‘Gossip Girl’ Probe

As week four of the impeachment drama draws to a close we are left with enough changing narratives, secret hearings, and meme-worthy tantrums to fill an entire season of “Gossip Girl.” Except, this is Congress, so let’s not insult the writers of “Gossip Girl.” Despite the fact that support for impeachment is slowly dropping, and

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Who the Hell Do They Think They Are?

Retired Admiral William McRaven devoted the bulk of a New York Times op-ed to appropriating for himself the moral and hence political authority of generations of soldiers and sailors (pointedly, especially the female ones) who have sacrificed for America, for “the good and the right.” Then he gratuitously stated—citing no specifics, as if everyone already

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Breaking the Administrative State

Everyone who knows American history understands that what we are experiencing today was almost inevitable. The Russia-collusion hoax, Ukraine-gate, Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation circus, all of the non-stop, relentless attacks on Donald Trump and his administration from the day he was sworn in were bound to happen. The political moment we are living through is not

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Canada’s Antifa Enablers

Free and safe discourse about key political issues, like immigration, faces serious challenges today, not just in America, but in Canada as well. Recently, at a sold-out event outside Toronto hosted by U.S. commentator Dave Rubin and leader of the anti-globalist People’s Party of Canada (PPC), Maxime Bernier, dozens of “anti-fascist” protestors (yes, they’re big

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