Woke Privilege

Perhaps my privilege is showing. Gleaming in its gaudy oppression. To have skin that crisps in the sun is a mark of having every advantage under it. When I was 7, the man loosely defined as my father shambled out of the front door. He punctuated our relationship with the odd rambling phone call. The

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Banzai Yet Again!
Zucker Taps John Harwood as His Newest Kamikaze

Leave it to Jeff ”Mother” Zucker, CNN’s diminutive but ovoid president, to follow in the footsteps of Captain Motoharu Okamura of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Analogous to Okamura, Zucker is the mother of the corps of journalistic kamikazes willing to crash and burn at his beckoning! Zucker, like Okamura, is a hiring genius. Look at

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Why Are So Many Young People Unhappy?

Here are some unhappy statistics: In America between 1946 and 2006, the suicide rate quadrupled for males ages 15 to 24 and doubled for females the same age. In 1950, the suicide rate per 100,000 Americans was 11.4. In 2017, it was 14. According to Grant Duwe, director of research and evaluation at the Minnesota Department of

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It’s Time for the MSM to Embrace their Religious Identity!

When Senator Martha McSally dared to call CNN’s Manu Raju a liberal hack last week—a comment that for most of us, is a simple statement of truth—it shocked the sensitive sensibilities of many in the mainstream media. Apparently it is now an egregious crime against humanity to speak the truth if one is speaking it

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Banzai Mother Zucker’s Kamikaze Launch: Raju Edition

Yes, once again Jeff “Mother” Zucker, the Divine Windbag, has sent his faithful automatons plunging into the fray. The latest target is Arizona’s Republican U.S. senator, Martha McSally. Waiting in ambush, and out to “bounce” the senator, was Manu Raju. Raju’s chief claim to fame had been CNN’s forced retraction of his sensationally false “exclusive”

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The Nation’s Capital Is a Haggard Old City of Marble

Several weeks ago, I carefully extracted a partially decomposed rat carcass from a toolbox stored in the small open-air vestibule in front of my apartment. The stench was nauseating and the entire specimen was infested with maggots eating the rotting flesh from the inside out. This wasn’t the first time this year I had to

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Why Is Cremation Growing in Popularity?

Recently I had to oversee the cremation of my younger brother, who died suddenly near his home in Phoenix. Unlike me, Luther Heatherly was a passionate environmentalist of the "Earth First" persuasion; his radical views made Al Gore look like Boone Pickens. A poet and strident essayist, my brother’s self-published 2003 book, The Last Human

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Tyranny at the Door in Virginia

The gun grabbers are at it again, this time in Virginia. Sadly, it didn’t just happen overnight; it’s been building for years. It began when Ralph “Blackface” Northam became the governor of Virginia in 2017, then advanced another step when the Democratic Party took control of the Virginia General Assembly last year. In part, these

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