A Response to Two Secular Conservatives I Adore

In the latest edition of "The Rubin Report" podcast, two people I adore, Dave Rubin and Heather Mac Donald, dialogue about some of the great issues facing America. Interestingly, though both are secular, Dave opened the interview asking Heather about God and religion. She began by saying that she is not conservative because of religion

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Our Personal Data Is Lost, So Let’s Rein In the Companies Who Own It

Social media technology has become quite creepy. Attend a party and meet some new people? Facebook will suggest them as potential friends. Search for a product you want to buy? Advertisements for similar products will follow you around the internet. Think about taking a vacation? Travel promotions start popping up. Several of my friends have

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Red Rube Redemption

Much has already been said about the surreal moment on January 25 when, in a dramatic lapse of composure, CNN “news” anchor and sad clown Don Lemon broke character and doubled over in laughter during a segment in which former Republican campaign strategist Rick Wilson and network contributor Wajahat Ali ridiculed “boomer rubes” and their

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Woke Teachings Prime Victims for Abuse at Sarah Lawrence

The headlines are as shocking as they are salacious: “Alleged Sex Cult at Sarah Lawrence College,” was at the top of a local “Eyewitness News” digital feed. The New York Post and LoHud, the local Gannett news outlet, had similar leads. The story reads like the plot of a horrendous R-rated movie. Lawrence Ray, previously

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Reaching Peak Progressivism

In 2020 we have finally hit peak progressivism. The adjective “peak”—apex or summit— is often used to describe something that has reached its maximum extent but thereafter will insidiously decline—like supposed U.S. domestic oil production in 2000 when more oil was purportedly taken out of, rather than still in the ground. While the idea of

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Virginia Gun Grabbers Assault Citizens’ Rights

Although most people have been distracted over the past two weeks by the impeachment trial, President Trump’s acquittal, and the first two primary contests of the 2020 elections, the gun-grabbing in Virginia didn’t take a hiatus. As the Democrats’ 2020 primary plays out, bear in mind that “Mini Mike” Bloomberg played a significant role in

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What Is Racism Today?

Last week’s Democratic presidential primary debate in New Hampshire offered another glimpse into the core strategy of the Democratic Party—increase the percentages of nonwhite voters by any means necessary, and convince all of them that Republicans are racists. Every candidate was on board with the message. As Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) thundered when it was

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