The GOP’s Carbon Capture Dodge

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is releasing a climate bill this week. The purpose is “to put the GOP on the map on climate” in response to polls reporting that enough young voters have finally succumbed to a lifetime of being propagandized on climate. No sane Republican politician would saddle our economy with pointlessly

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Conservatism Is the Real Resistance

If you ask conservatives what they stand for—I mean genuine conservatives, not libertarians who were aligned with conservatives long ago because of a shared anti-Communism even though their social beliefs were wholly liberal—here is what they will say: “God. Family. Country.” Yes, it’s that simple. Conservatives want a churchgoing public, stable families, and national identity.

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Why Private Speech Doesn’t Tell Us About a Person’s Character

Very few things I have said have elicited as much negative attention as this: What people say in private tells little, if anything, about their character. Left-wing critics have had a field day mocking me (mockery is the left's substitute for argument), but even some religious conservatives have taken issue with me (without the mockery)⁠—don't

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How Appalachia’s Children Highlight the Region’s Best Attributes

MOUNTAIN CITY, Georgia—Just off U.S. Highway 23, along the spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, T.J. Smith spends his days continuing the tradition of the iconic Foxfire Fund: an enterprise driven by young people whose respect for the land and culture, and understanding of the importance of preserving that culture's stories, has persevered for

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Should We Cancel
Susan B. Anthony Now?

February 15, 2020, will mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Susan B. Anthony, America’s most celebrated champion of women’s suffrage. But is the woke “cancel culture” about to come for her? The question occurred to me recently when I visited Anthony’s house—now a museum—in my hometown of Rochester, New York, and found myself

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The Left’s War on Free Speech: Battlefront Facebook

One would think an editor of an online magazine would be a staunch defender of free speech. One would be wrong. Keith A. Spencer, Salon’s senior editor responsible for its science, technology, health, and the economy coverage, once more reveals the elitist Left’s abject contempt for your ability to think for yourself and make your

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The Unimpeachable Soul of America

Ignore the game-show aspects of President Trump’s State of the Union address this week. Presidents have been rewarding and buying blocs of voters for eons. That part was perfunctory. Yet the former reality TV star had more to offer his American and world audience: the American soul, robust and confident. Unlike progressive presidents such as

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The Real Choice We Face

As I watched the president’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, I couldn’t help but notice that division was the order of the evening. But the divisions on display were not merely political in the ordinary sense of policy differences. Abortion, immigration, education, and other important policy concerns continue to inspire heated disagreements,

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Legitimizing ‘Sex Work’ Is Bad for the Republic

Jennifer Lopez surely knows how to command our attention. Her starring role with pop star Shakira at the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday was bound to generate gigabytes worth of hot takes. Even before the big game ended, Twitter was lighting up. Reactions were predictable: Either you were outraged at such overtly sexual posturing

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The Question That Explains Almost Everything

If you want to understand a human being or the human condition, what is the single most important question you should ask? Most religious people would probably ask, "Do you believe in God?" The most important question most secular people, especially progressives, could imagine asking is probably a policy question. Today it would be "Do

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